About Us

The world's first NFT was created in 2014. The first NFT Marketplace was founded in 2017. Like any market, the NFT market has experienced ups and downs. Some people have left this field. On the other hand, some people added to this market. According to the evidence, this market is likely to gain many fans in the future.

We think blockchain will play a substantial role in the future world. We want all humans to play a role in this future world. The RamziNFT team wants to make the global NFT market easier for artists and collectors everywhere. Our team has made it possible to mint, buy and sell NFTs in world markets by providing a Marketplace. We also give the necessary training to those interested in this field. In addition, we guide artists in the way of selling their NFTs.

A group of young people with a global vision founded RamziNFT Marketplace. The platform is based on the polygon blockchain network. Mint Fee in RamziNFT is zero. Also, The Platform Fee is temporarily zero. Artists and collectors can buy and sell NFTs at the lowest cost in this market.

We wish that all artists can share their art with their fans easily and without worry.