Most Expensive NFT


Most Expensive NFT

You may be interested to know which work had the highest nft price. The prices of famous nfts are so strange that they seem like a joke at first. But these prices are really placed on digital works! Here we review some of these works together.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Beeple is one of the most famous creators of nfts. Mike Winkleman, known as Beeple, is a person who is very famous in this market due to his many activities in the nfts market and his special works of art, and most of his works are sold at million dollar prices. Beeple introduced one of its tokens called ((Every day: 5000 first day)) into the nfts market and was able to sell it at a high price. In fact, he has integrated 5000 of his original artworks into one image. This fascinating digital artefact, valued at $69.3 million, is one of the most expensive nfts ever sold.


A Canadian studio called LaRao Labs, using two software engineers, has been able to create the famous nfts called Punk. All kinds of nfts produced by this company have faced high sales. One of the reasons for the popularity of cryptopunks is that these works were among the early examples of non-fungible tokens, and perhaps that is why they are so valuable. Because the first ones are always valuable. Like the first tweet ever! The price of NFTCryptoPunk (the same sticker looks simple!) is 7.5 million dollars.


Right-click and Save As Guy

This work, which was actually made by an American rapper, was also worth about 7 million dollars!

The Merge

The highest nft price has been set for a digital asset called The Merge. In fact, the best-selling work of nfts at the moment is a picture called Merger, which sold for $91 million.


Crossroads (which is a work to be considered) also sold $6.6 million. This work depicts the large body of Trump lying naked on the ground with obscene words written on his body and people passing by.


The price of nft clock, which was actually entered into nfts from an unknown artist, is estimated at fifty two million dollars. This work shows the time when the founder of WikiLeaks was in prison and considers the concepts related to the defense of human rights.

World wide web source code

The www programming code, which is one of the most important network codes, was sold with a value of 5.43 million dollars.

Jack Dorsey’s tweet

What do you think is the price of this written nft? You might be interested to know that another digital artefact that was very valuable was the first tweet of the CEO and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, which was sold for 2.9 million dollars.


Currently, the nfts market is very hot and we have to wait to see what the fate of this market will be. Will the price of NFTs decrease or will we continue to see their growth?

This article does not contain economic advice or suggestion of RamziNFT. There is a risk of losing capital in every investment, and the investor must take the final decision after studying and researching and take responsibility for its consequences.

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